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because food is medicine. 

100 % Natural Healthy  Rich in Probiotics & Vitamin B12  Delicious 

Kombucha is currently the most appraised functional drink on the global world market. It is a delicious and naturally fizzy non-alcoholic drink that contains probiotics, vitamins, amino acids or other nutrients associated with many health benefits. This drink has been around for more than 3000 years and is going strong!

We founded Living Liquids out of true love for the traditional craft Kombucha or as we call it also -

the Ancient Super-drink of the Future.
Our so appraised kombucha is locally handcrafted using the best quality standards and traditional methods from US and Europe as reference. Our ethics are strong and we create out of love and devotion to healthy living, care for mother Earth and all beings everywhere. Our service and quality are simply unmatched.

Take a look at our website to learn more and find the easiest way for you to get your kombucha bottles or keg, join a tasting event or order your special kombucha taster set. If you are a local business - contact us and lets set up a tasting session. 




What’s So Special?

Living Liquids kombucha is so much more than just a delicious and refreshing drink. For example, we structure our water, ferment our kombucha in small batches to assure the best quality and flavor. 

Because we care.


because food is medicine.


And we care about everything! Every little aspect of life, of creation, of our production process. That is who we are. Our goal was to create a brewing process that allows the traditional fermentation methods to develop a  base for each product tha is very rich in probiotics and other health benefits. And then to create new, exciting flavors. 

We have a great collection of flavors developed through time. With the generous feedback from our customers, we were able to develop flavors for Israeli pallet.  However, our kombucha is very appreciated by kombucha lovers worldwide. 

You will come across mind-blowing and exciting flavors such as beet-rose (even kids love it!), lavender, basil-rose or mint. Our inventory has 8 stable flavors that truly allow to reach the awe for every kind of taste buds.  


We do work with special orders as well. Do you wish to create a special brew for your wedding? Birthday? Lets create it together. How fun!