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Ancient Superdrink of the Future

Are you still wondering about benefits of Kombucha? Here is a nice article from BBC about the benefits of this drink so dear to our hearts . Link to the BBC article

Time has definitely taken this ancient medicine on quite a trip. I first came across kombucha in Soviet Union, when almost everyone had on their kitchen counter this "Tea Mushroom", which was recommended to drink everyone morning for nearly any ailment or dis-ease. Some were really pushed away by the looks of this "lady", some did not enjoy the feel of the scoby in their mouth. Some did not embrace the fermented taste and flavor. However, some really loved it and truly cherished the health benefits that this drink was giving them. I am grateful to those who helped this medicine to survive and travel all the way to the Americas, where I had a chance to see this drink under a new light. When i decided to go a big big one way journey from Oregon down to Central America, my van was packed with only the vital necessities: Music Instruments, Power Tools, Library with Books, Arts & Crafts and Kitchen. MY kitchen was mainly jars of sourkraut and Kombucha garden. Where ever I went, i shared these probiotic rich foods. My kombucha gardern survived through the whole Central Americas trip and inspired what the world know today as Living Liquids. Thriving Boutique kombucha made with structural water in Israel.

Today in the US, most grocery stores carry kombucha from local and not so local brands. Whole Foods store which is the main chain of the health food stores in the US in my knowledge, carries about 10 + different brands, ranging from artisanal to some very high production line brands.

I discovered the wonders that 2nd and 3rd fermentation offers and the magic of the natural flavoring. Today, i really see the kombucha as a superdrink. It is such a delicious and naturally fizzy yumminess and it has so much health benefits. Why would i choose any other drink?

The very cool fact is that you can flavor kombucha with nearly anything. Ourselves, at Living Liquids Kombucha - Israeli Boutique Kombucha brewery we have 8 flavors. AND - we really have to hold our horses back. It is first of all so much fun to experiment with new flavors and share them. But as a business, it is not so feasible to introduce new flavors without having may be a dedicated bar. Well, that's for the future may be.

I do see more and more people around me rising their awareness about what they eat and how it affects their well being and health in short and long term. This naturally brings us to choosing functional foods. Foods which have active benefits which can clearly help our functioning in some way. I love this approach to food, cause food is medicine. It is up to us if we use it wisely or not. I love feeling in charge of my health and continuously bringing awareness to the food choices I am making.

Isn't it exciting to pour into your cup an absolutely natural and delicious drink that contains more health benefits that any other drink of a shelf? I love witnessing the moment of pause, surprise and wonder in people face after they try our kombucha. It seems like it awakens a moment of great pleasure and contentment. What a bliss!

Taster shot of our Beet Rose flavor brought some really ecstatic feelings this beautiful human. This kind of feedback fuels our creativity big time
Our kombucha is naturally fizzy with these absolutely wonderful bubbles. We do not add any CO2 to it.

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