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Chaga mushroom Adaptogenic Kombucha

I am very very excited to be sharing this. It has been now for few months that in our R & D , I as a master brewer / fermenter have been experimenting with Chaga and other special about which I will share later on. I have been passioned about Chaga mushroom for it's amazing adaptogenic benefits for about a decade.

You can read more about it here and various online resources. And off course I love Chaga for it's earthy wooden taste. This taste for me feels very grounding and balancing.

Chaga mushroom is a bark like mushroom growing on Birch trees. That is why I first came across it in Easter Europe, where the birch trees are almost everywhere.

I have been driven to bring into kombucha even more health benefits and properties that can make from it next level functional drink, which can serve the Humanity on it's journey of awakening to a more conscious way of living. This adaptogenic Chaga kombucha with it's combined benefits could be a great ally in boosting the immunity system and help build resilience of our bodies. And it is really delicious!

The recipe is simple. To make 5 liters of Chaga kombucha, You will need:


~ 1000 ml of chaga kombucha starter liquid with scoby

~ 10-15 gr of dried Chaga mushroom chunks

~ 4000 ml of cleanest water you can get

~ 250 gr of sugar of your choice


~5 liter pot

~Wide mouth Glass jar to comfortably fit 1 liter+ of liquid

~Piece of cotton cloth (cheese cloth type, not thick, not towel)

~Rubber band


~Big spoon


Boil water and add chaga & sugar. Let it simmer on slow fire for 45 minutes (you might need to simmer longer depending on the size of chunks you have), and then let it steep until room temperature. Strain liquid into your glass jar & add starter liquid with scoby. Make sure not to top the jar fully. Leave some space.

Cover the jar with the cloth (make sure it is super clean and dry at all times), tighten with rubber band and in room temperature out of direct sun until fermentation process is complete. Happy Fermentation~

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