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How to grow a SCOBY

Have you been wondering about this kombucha fenomanon that everybody is talking about? If you have been feeling called to dive deeper into your relationship with kombucha and starting to brew her at home. This video is for you!

Many of our customers have been expressing the desire of starting to brew your own kombucha at home. And that is always so so exciting for me! In the kombucha community - we live in the mindset of abundance. There is enough for all.

And that's why - my heart expands with the idea that there will be more kombucha brewers out there. Brewers who are curious and loving to learn about this wonderful culture and spreading the word about it. The truth is- who ever starts drinking or brewing kombucha - that is probably all they will be wanting to talk about. And I want to have more people in my life to talk about kombucha! Heck ya! So, watch this video and learn how to grow scoby. This is step 1 on the path of starting to brew at home. If you have access to a ready Scoby, you can off course skip this step and watch the next video featuring - how to make a succesfull kombucha batch at home.

If you don't live in Israel and don't have access to our brands kombucha, you can off course use another brand. If you don't know personally the brewer - take few moments in choosing well your "starter" kombucha bottle. Why? Every kombucha batch is different. Different water. More or less alive, active culture. More vs less yeast. Variables are infinite. And think about this - this starter is going to become the "mama" of all of the kombucha you will be brewing. So, you want to be serious about it for a minute.

So here is a short list about main aspects to verify: -List the ingredient list

There are many brands of "kombuchas" out there today, who jumped on the kombucha fame wagon but forgot to maintain the ethics and values of the kombucha itself. So, if the list of ingredients show soda like ingredients with some kombucha culture added to it - pass this option. Trust me - you don't want to grow anything from this, and you most likely don't want to drink it either.

-make sure to find raw / unpasteurised kombucha

-choose bottle without "flavoring"

Our original flavor kombucha ingredients are just green tea, sugar, filtered and structured water. This natural flavor is amazing off course, and is pure - perfect to start a new brew. Some brands create a blend of spices, teas, flowers as their original flavor kombucha, and it might be a bit more tricky to start a brew from it- because you want to start simple. Changing the ingredients to the culture, might be too big of a change for the culture and reduce the chances of success of scoby forming. But it is still worth trying.

-choose a bottle without added co2

That might be hard to find among commercial kombucha brands, but - our kombucha has no co2 added.

-trust your gutt

It is all about trusting yourself and what is good for you. So, if your gut feeling encouraging you to go with one vs another - trust it.

Enjoy and happy brewing!

Cause food is medicine, Annoushka

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