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How to Naturally fizz up your brew

We have been getting more and more questions from our customers and from kombucha home brewer community. And I am very excited to have answers and wisdom to share. We have learned a lot from over a decade of brewing the magical drink. In this blog post I will be sharing simple tips on how to naturally fizz up your Kombucha.

Is your kombucha coming out flat?

Do not despair. It happens. She is a living being. And just as it happens for us to have different mood, guest what? Kombucha culture also can behave in different ways and change her mood. It is not that your are doing something wrong. But, yes, you can help her to lighted up and feel better!

So here are few simple tips:

1. Once your brew is in, or how we call it - "planted", take a moment every day for an "activation ritual". Steer the brew slowly with long spoon or whatever can gracefully reach the bottom of your jar. I recommend steering in the clockwise direction. Be mindful when doing this, since you are interacting with a living being. Think honorable thoughts, be present, heart-centered, kind and gentle in your movements. You can use this moment of connection and radiate into your brew gratitude, love and anything else you might want to infuse into your batch of this living liquid. Here are some examples: "thank you for being alive", "Thank you for nourishing me and my family", "I love having you in my life", "Thank you for helping me stay healthy", "You are radiant and bountiful". Go wild in your creativity

2. Sometimes during the brewing process, temperature of your pantry or kitchen (or wherever your jars are living) can change. Which impacts the brewing and fermentation process. It can happen that Kombucha eats trough sugars a big too fast. You can tell that it might be the case, if you brew tastes flat and flavorless (comparing to usual). As if even the flavor of the sweet tea that you planted just faded away, and you are not feeling the bubbliness or fermentation smell or taste at all... So, what you can do is adding just a bit of sweetener (same sweetener that you are using usually). In my situation, for a 15 liter jar I would be adding 1-2 table spoons of organic brown cane sugar. Even without steering the liquid, I can see how the brew is getting active and feasting on sugar straight away. The bubbles or foam would rise 3-4 cm above the level of the brew. That looks impressive! After this intervention, I would wait a day or so to taste and see the improvement. If the culture was very hungry she will break down the sugars relatively quickly.

3. If you end up harvesting a batch that is a bit flat. Choose some sweet fruit to flavor it. Sugars from the fruit will allow more fermentation to happen.

4. Bottle your kombucha after straining it, into a very well sealed bottle. Store in a room temperature. Turn the bottle upside down few times a day. Which will help the fizziness to grow.

Good luck in taking care of this amazing living being that the SCOBY is. And let us know how is your brewing going and always - enjoy kombucha !

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