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Probiotic*Activated Chia-Coconut pudding

I have always been feeling great when preparing/eating/treating someone with Chia-Coconut pudding.

What there was not to be happy about? Eating spoon fulls of this excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and they provide fiber, iron, and calcium - paired with yummy plant based mylk (coconut mylk quickly became my favorite).

And then - it happened. I wanted more. And tried to create this pudding using keffir water or kombucha instead (equaling the amount of the water contained in the plant based mylk)> result was amazing. Wow. And now i knew that besides all the amazing benefits that were already part of this treat on my breakfast / snack / desert table...this became an amazing way to also intake this amazing form of alive and bio-available probiotics. For extra protein and yumminess - add some peanut butter. Oh yes!

Here is the simple recipe:

- 1/4 cup of chia seeds

- 1 cup of keffir water or kombucha (water for a regular pudding version)

Let it sit in room temperature or frig for at least 15 min or overnight! Check for the desired consistency, if needed add some more liquid. epect the seeds to grow at least 4 to 5 times the initial volume when they are dry.

- 3 tbs of coconut cream

- 1 tbs of peanut butter

Enjoy! You can keep it jarred in a refrigerator up to 1 week (if not adding other ingredients like fruit).

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