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Probiotic Smoothie Recipe

I thought that it is about time to start sharing amazing vegan recipes that are happening in my kitchen. So here is a super nourishing smoothie recipe loaded with probiotics.

The idea is relatively simple: replace all or part of the water in your smoothie by either keffir water or kombucha. You got the idea? Exactly! Not only you are getting amazing nourishing blend of fruit / seeds / superfoods / whatever you are called to include in your morning/ afternoon/ anytimeyouwantit smooties, but this way - you are loading them with probiotics as well. Waooooo. This smoothie creates about 500 ml of finished product. 1 ripe banana

1 madjool date (wash and take out the seed)

1 tbsp maca root powder

1 cup of water kefir (or kombucha. any flavor will do it!)

small piece of fresh ginger

1/2 cup of plant based milk

1 tbsp of tahini

cardamom seeds to taste

cinamon to taste

1 sprinkle of himalayan pink salt Enjoy!

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