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Warming Chaga Winter Smoothie Recipe

I love getting creative when it comes to making smoothies. Or more precisely - when it comes to food and one thousand other things. I am a very, very creative being and that transpires in all the aspects of my life.

Enjoy this amazing smoothie recipe. It is a great immune system supportive recipe, and warming, thanks to the benefits of the warming spices used in it. The Chaga mushroom infusion is it's own powerhouse of adaptogen and immunity-boosting mushrooms, which I personally really love to use in my everyday nourishing kitchen recipes, for my whole family. And besides the immunity boosting, anti-viral, anti inflammatory properties, add a dose of water keffir to nourish yourself with some natural well absorbing probiotics. In this recipe I am using Cold brewed Chaga mushroom infusion, about which I will soon create a separate recipe post.

Load your blender with following goodness: 2 bananas

7 strawberries

1 shot of Chaga mushroom infusion

2 shots of Water Keffir or raw kombucha 200 ml filtered water

100 ml plant based mylk

4 mm thick ginger slice

5 mm thick fresh turmeric slice 4 pods of cardamom

cinammon to taste Blend and enjoy!

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