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when i crave kombucha

This evening, after yoga practice I reached for kombucha. And _ Oh Goddesss, it felt good. Refreshing. Just a bit fizzy. And so so hydrating. And it clicked in my mind. After every workout, or practice where I am feeling renewed and cleansed, realigned - I want kombucha. And i am not the only one. I have noticed also people around me - after sweat lodge, after fasting, after yoga practice, after a good run, workout session... They all crave kombucha.

So i am wondering what is behind it? Where, probiotics in real unpasteurized kombucha are alive and very active. When ingested - they join the gut microflora and do their work in renewing or repairing the microflora striving to restore the balance of the body. For a minute, I will also talk about unhealhty cravings. I have quite a history with these ones. So, long time ago I learned, that what makes me sometimes crave unhealthy things - are the toxins present in my body. More toxins I have - more i crave unhealthy stuff )that re-supply the toxin levels. Cleaner my body is with less toxins - more healthier food choice I might more likely to be doing. Does it mean, that less balanced I am within my body - more unhealthy food choices I will be doing? and more balanced I am within my body - more healthy cravings I might be experiencing? I think yes.

Thanks to the cleansing and detoxifying properties of kombucha (among many other benefits) it can help me to clean and protect my body from toxins. And change the cellular structure, or the memory of what my eating behavior is. Slowly by surely. Just giving a chance to kombucha - you might experience big changes in your wellbeing, that will slowly changing the way you feel and way you think about the food. And it makes so much sense! Hearing so many testimonies from our customers that drinking our kombucha- it changed their life. So i am understanding this craving for kombucha is sort of the memory of my body for what it knows as good for it. The inner body's intelligence is infinite. For me kombucha - is truly an ally for our journey here on earth. And I am so so grateful for it.

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